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About Us

PDF Technologies has focused on PDF for years. The PDF solution ComPDFKit includes PDF SDK, Conversion SDK, Web Viewer, API Tools, Free Online Converter, and Document AI. We can also provide Software, SDK, and API solutions for industries like education, government, Construction, Aviation, etc.


ComPDFKit is the SDK and API product we provided that allows developers or companies to integrate PDF editing, annotating, converting, form filling, digital signing, comparing, measuring, and redacting into any device.


ComPDFKit Products Include:

  1. ComPDFKit APIMake API requests and streamline your workflows with secure and reliable PDF API. It's easy to integrate PDF editing, PDF conversion, watermark, OCR, and more features.
  2. ComPDFKit SDKComPDFKit allows companies, organizations, small businesses, and developers to integrate viewing, annotating, editing, converting (PDF to/from Office, PNG, JPG, HTML, RTF, CSV, PDF/A, JSON, etc.), filling, encrypting, merging, comparing, redacting, OCR, and signing PDF documents in their applications or products.